NDT Introduction

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NDT Introduction

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▪ NDT Introduction

MK NDT (non-destructive testing) is a slim and potable device for steel wire rope inspection. It is endowed with an intelligent real-time data processing and analysis system – TestSmart program.MK NDT uses magnetic flux leakage examination method (ASTM-E-1571) to detect and diagnose the deterioration of steel wire rope, including both obvious defects and imperceptible changes.MKNDT is suitable for all kinds of wire rope applications, such as elevators, cranes, container ports, mining, wire rope production, etc. With this scientific solution, you can inspect your steel wire rope in a rational and more effective way.

▪ NDT Introduction

High Inspection Accuracy

  • Objective judgment to determine wire rope flaws
  • High resolution, signal acquisition interval 3m/s

Good Reliability

  • Not affected by grease, paint, dirt or plastic sealing material
  • Permanent inspection records are stored in computer

Flexible Operation

  • Portable: Unrestricted by workplace location
  • Real-time monitoring: Real-time signal display on PC system
  • Network support: Can transmit data via standard LAN (Ethernet, TCP/IP), if the customer requests

Cost Effective

  • Centralized monitoring system
  • Regular mechanical inspection instead of visual inspection
  • Improve working efficiency by simple and fast scanning
  • Auto-generate NDT test reports in PDF format