DNV2.7-1 Lifting Sets For Offshore Containers

Mak Kee International H.K. Limited

DNV2.7-1 Lifting Sets For Offshore Containers

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In the offshore oilfield industry, there are many containers for different purposes. The tops of these containers are equipped with fixed lifting spreaders. The types of spreaders are slightly different in response to the selection requirements of different oil exploration areas around the world. As a professional manufacturer of wire rope spreaders,

Mak Kee has been supplying offshore box spreaders to the market since 2008. This spreader is produced in strict accordance with the EN13414 standard, and has obtained the DNV2.7-1 product type approval certificate, number S7040, which effectively meets the market’s demand for offshore container spreaders and related certificates.

DNV2.7-1Type Approval Certificate

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